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Certified Organic Chicken Breast

$17.50 packet

Our certified organic fresh chicken breast is sold in packets of 500g

*product sold raw

Certified Organic Chicken Thigh

$17.50 packet

Our fresh certified organic chicken thigh is sold in packets of 500g.


Free-Range and Nitrite-Free Maple Smoked Leg Ham on the Bone

$92.00$230.00 each

Our Leg Ham is produced using certified Free-Range pork from Gooralie, and naturally cured using a chemical & nitrite-free cure.  

Free-Range and Chemical-Free Bacon Hock

$12.00 packet

Our delicious bacon is free-range and nitrate-free.
700-800g each.


Free-Range and Nitrite-Free Bacon Rashers

$9.50 packet

Sold in packs of 250g, our delicious bacon is free-range and nitrate-free.

*product sold raw

Free-Range and Nitrate-Free Bourbon Streaky Bacon Rashers

$9.50 packet

Our free-range and nitrate-free bourbon streaky bacon is sold in packets of 250g.

*product sold raw

Free-Range and Nitrite-Free Sliced Ham Off The Bone

$9.99 packet

Free-range and nitrate-free slide ham off the bone. Sold in packets of 200g

Certified Organic Sliced Sirloin

$6.00$9.00 each

Our certified organic sliced sirloin steaks are sold in convenient individual portions:
200g – $6.00 each
250g – $7.50 each
300g – $9.00 each

Certified Organic Topside Roast

$21.00$94.50 each

Our certified organic topside roast start at 1kg go up by 500g lots:
1kg – $21.00
1.5kg – $31.50
2kg – $42.00
2.5kg – $52.50
3kg – $63.00
3.5kg- $73.50
4kg – $84.00
4.5 kg – $94.50