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Hinterland Free Range Turkey Breast Fillet

Our Hinterland Free-Range Turkey Breasts are all natural and ethically sourced. Produced by Bendele Farm in Kilkivan Southeast Queensland, all poultry is raised without the use of any chemicals, antibiotics, or growth promotants. This ensures all turkeys live a natural, free-range life as nature intended. Order online today and receive home delivery across the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions.

The turkey breast fillet is taken from the whole turkey and is a boneless piece with the skin on. 

Our hinterland free-range turkey breast is perfect for incorporating into sandwiches, roast dinners, salads, and stir-fries!

Turkey breast is also highly nutritious, and a lean meat known for its low-fat contents and wider health benefits. A turkey breast fillet contains a multitude of B-vitamins and minerals including selenium, zinc and phosphorous. These vitamins and minerals assist in energy production, amino acid formation, red blood cell formation, metabolism, bone health and enzyme reactions.

Choose to support local sustainable farms with Australian Organic Meat Co and order our flavourful free-range turkey breast online now.

Due to working with a small producer and the supply and demand at Christmas time, this product will be sold frozen. 

Please note - you can order this product for this weeks delivery, or select from our two Christmas delivery days which are:

- Friday 15th December

- Friday 22nd December 


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