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As Brisbane’s most trusted supplier of certified organic pork, Aus Organic Meat Co can provide you and your family with all of the certified organic pork products that you require. We offer a wide range of products, from free-range, nitrite-free ham and bacon to certified organic pork mince, belly, ribs, loin chops, cutlets, schnitzel cut, racks , and so much more. 

Our same-week delivery service allows you to receive your meat products in a timely manner, or you have the option to shop in store at our retail store in Capalaba. We can deliver your certified organic pork products to several suburbs of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane regions.

See the full range of certified organic pork products available from Aus Organic Meat Co below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is certified organic pork better?

Certified organic pork stands out for its ethical and health-centric approach. Being free range, the pigs enjoy a truly natural life as nature intended, leading to a better pork cut quality. Furthermore, being free of harmful additives means you're consuming a product that's not only delicious but also aligned with responsible and sustainable farming practices.

Is certified organic pork healthier?

Yes, certified organic pork is far healthier than conventional pork. It's free from harmful pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and synthetic feeds. The pigs are raised in natural pastures, ensuring they consume a healthier diet, making the pork richer in essential nutrients and, often, more tender and juicy. Certified Organic pork is proven to contain high levels of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins including selenium, vitamin E and vitamin D. These vitamins are essential for protection from oxidation damage and infection, thyroid health, immune function as well as heart, skin, hormonal and brain health.

What is the difference between certified organic pork and regular pork?

Certified organic pork, especially Australian certified organic, adheres to strict farming practices. While both types might be delicious, certified organic pigs are raised in true free-range environments roaming outside consuming a natural environment without the use of any antibiotics, pesticides, or synthetic feed. This ensures a truly free range and natural upbringing for the animals, in contrast to some regular pork production methods which involve raising pigs indoors, contained in pens without any exposure to the outside environment.

How does the cooking of organic pork differ from regular pork?

While organic pork can be pan-fried, slow-cooked, or grilled just like regular pork, many believe it offers a richer, more delicious taste due to its natural upbringing. Especially when seasoned with just a pinch of salt, its authentic flavours truly shine.

What can I Make Using Organic Grass-Fed Butter?

We are glad you asked! Organic Grass-Fed Butter can perfectly substitute for regular butter no matter the recipe. If you are after some new meals, check out our versatile collection of mouthwatering recipes.

Why do some cuts, like pork collarbutt, stand out in organic ranges?

A pork collar butt from a certified organic range, especially from truly free-range pigs, is often more tender and flavourful -- making it perfect for slow cooking. The animals' natural diet and free-roaming lifestyle on the farm means the meat is rich in natural flavours, making such cuts a favourite for those seeking genuine, high-quality produce.

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