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Certified Organic Beef Mince with Liver

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Certified Organic Grass Fed & Finished

Our certified organic beef mince is natural, grass-fed and finished, and free from any hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, artificial flavours and ingredients. All our certified organic beef is produced by OBE Organic, a group of sustainable and ethical farms located in Australia’s Lake Eyre Basin. On the farms, all cattle are grass-fed and finished and can freely roam the farmland, with one head of cattle to every hundred acres.

At Australian Organic Meat Co, our organic beef mince is delivered fresh each week to ensure the best quality beef that is full of natural flavour. Order online today and get home delivery across the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions.

Each organic beef mince pack is available in two sizes, from 500g to 1kg. Offering full transparency over our production process our certified organic beef mince roughly consists of 15% certified organic beef liver blended with 85% pure grass-fed beef.

Our lean grade beef mince is a popular choice and a weeknight dinner staple for its versatility. The organic beef mince is perfect for serving in burgers, meatballs, fillings and pasta. For more delicious recipes featuring our organic beef mince with liver, head to our blog!

Organic beef mince with liver is not only a delicious meal-time favourite, but it also has a range of health benefits, with high amounts of protein, zinc, vitamin B3 and B12. Support ethical farming practices and local Australian businesses by shopping organically with Australian Organic Meat Co today.

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