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Certified Organic Trotters

Product sold in packets of 2 x trotters – 600g. Product Sold Frozen.

Certified Organic Pork Trotters - a highly gelatinous part of the animal. With an abundance of connective tissue, trotters are a great addition to add into your bone broths to make them nice and gelatinous. By slow cooking, the connective tissues are broken down to render out the collagen. Collagen is ideal for optimum skin health and maintaining healthy skin, relieving joint pain and improving muscle strength to name a few. 

Always source certified organic bones when making bone broth as the slow cooking process can draw out any toxins stored in the meat which is counterproductive. 

Sustainably & ethically produced pork with the use of absolutely no hormones and antibiotics. 

Australian Organic Meat Co.