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Certified Organic Whole Lamb 25kg


 Our Certified Organic Aussie White Lamb's from Longreach Organic Lamb are available to purchase in a whole or half size. Not just an economical way to purchase, eating 'nose to tail' ensures you are receiving all of the nourishing essential vitamins and minerals your body requires for everyday functioning. 

- 100% grass fed and finished on chemical free, organic grasses

- hormone and antibiotic free 

What's included when breaking down a whole lamb (25kg):

- lamb leg 
- lamb chump chops
- lamb loin chops
- lamb cutlets or lamb rack
- lamb shoulder / forequarter chops
- lamb shanks
- lamb neck chops
- lamb spare ribs or belly
- lamb mince 
- lamb bones
- lambs Liver
- lambs kidney
- lambs heart

Please note - we require one weeks notice for orders on whole lambs as all orders are processed fresh to order. One of our friendly butchers will be in touch to organise how you would like your lamb processed. 

*we cryvac all cuts in bulk - product sold fresh 

- If you order a whole lamb along with other products for delivery we will be in touch to confirm the delivery day due to the lead time for processing the whole lamb. 


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